Your Shot
Your Shot 2022
Graphic Design


This year-long campaign was an incredible journey that took us across Australia to showcase the talents of young performers and their connection to music.
The campaign kicked off with a unique launch video that highlighted the diversity of Australian youth culture and how it connects with YOUR SHOT as a brand.

We used three different formats - digital, film and VHS - to capture the energy and authenticity of YOUR SHOT.
We used a combination of music, sound design, and visual effects to bring the video to life. 

The end result was a launch video that captured the essence of YOUR SHOT and set the tone for an incredible year-long campaign.
Throughout the campaign, we filmed and took photos of four registration weekends and four showcase weekends in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

We created over 900 individual pieces of video content and took thousands of photos to showcase the raw talent and passion of the diverse performers.
Today, with the rise of social media and digital platforms, youth culture has more influence than ever before in shaping the music landscape.

After the initial brief with the client, we believed a more ‘custom’ approach to the press content was needed. This was when we came up with the idea of creating individual reel-sized content for each contestant to post to their own socials.