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Graphic Design


MY Media had the privilege of capturing the essence and energy of Halsey's unforgettable live performances for her acclaimed "Manic Tour", translating them into an awe-inspiring video campaign that truly embodies the spirit of this groundbreaking tour.
The intensity of these concerts provided an electrifying atmosphere, enabling us to capture the raw emotion and unbridled energy that Halsey brings to every stage.
From the pulsating beats to the heartfelt lyrics, we meticulously captured the essence of Halsey's artistry, ensuring that every frame pulsated with the same energy that enraptured audiences during her live shows.
The result is an awe-inspiring video campaign that transports viewers into the heart of the "Manic Tour." Through our carefully crafted visuals, viewers can experience the raw emotion, intensity, and unapologetic spirit that defines Halsey's performances.

This collaboration is a testament to the passion and dedication of both Halsey and MY Media, as we join forces to create a creative masterpiece that will resonate with fans and music enthusiasts worldwide.