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Back The Night
Graphic Design


In the wake of COVID-19, the music industry and small businesses in Australia suffered greatly. Thousands of gigs were cancelled, resulting in millions of dollars in lost income, and small business spending decreased by 70%. However, in a bid to bring some much-needed vibrancy and joy to the city of Sydney, “Back the Night” took to the streets to create a unique and deconstructed gig experience.
Partnering with local businesses, Back the Night brought well-known Australian musicians to unexpected stages throughout the city, painting Sydney 'Amex blue' for a single night. This diverse ensemble of 18 artists performed at 6 unique venues, several of which had never hosted live music before.
Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Back the Night succeeded in bringing together musicians, local businesses, and music fans for a night of unforgettable performances and community spirit. Through their innovative approach, they provided a much-needed boost to both the music industry and the small businesses of Sydney.
Three episodes were produced, each with a focus on a different topic: "The Headliners," "Unique Moments," and "Small Businesses." Additionally, there was an overall event recap and a photo gallery of the entire event. These pieces of content were able to reach a total of 8.7 million people.